Estate Law

Although no one enjoys thinking about what will happen to their loved ones when they pass away, planning ahead for the future is critical if you want to ensure that your family is well taken care of after you die. This is particularly true if you are a business owner. Planning effectively for a variety of future possibilities is key to helping your loved ones to avoid surprises and unexpected expenses if you pass away.

Wills & Estate Planning

Without a will in place, your family could be left without valuable assets after you pass away. Ensure that your family has access to your assets and that your property is distributed according to your own wishes by carefully creating a will that outlines how your property and valuables will be handled after your death. A will can also specify what you would want in the event that you become incapacitated and need assistance with the management of your finances and/or your medical care.

Business Succession Planning

If you are a business owner, your business could be affected by your death, divorce, or retirement. In order to preserve your legacy and ensure that your business remains fruitful, it is important that you seek out the assistance of a skilled business succession planning attorney in the Greater Toronto Area. At the Beauplan-Mann Law Office, we can assist you in negotiating structured buyouts, establishing limited partnerships, and addressing issues regarding the future management, insurance, and taxation of your business.

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