Child Protection (CAS)

Unfortunately, many family legal issues also compromise the safety, health, and well being of children in the home. In many cases, it becomes necessary to legally intervene in order to protect a child or to assist families in creating a home that is safe and nurturing for their children. Although legal involvement is often construed as a punishment for parents, it is not. Child protection laws in Mississauga are first and foremost designed to remove children from dangerous situations, and also to help families obtain access to valuable resources including counseling, parenting classes, housing, and chemical dependency treatment.

At the Beauplan-Mann law office, we provide legal services to child protective agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. We often represent social workers and staff members these agencies, and offer legal advice on numerous child protection issues, including the neglect or abuse of children. When a report of neglect or abuse is made, it is critical that child protective agencies follow the law to the letter to ensure that they are adequately able to provide protection services to children in need. Failure to follow the law in these situations could result in the child being placed back into a harmful environment, or parents bringing complaints forward against the agency.

Protecting children from danger and ensuring that every child in the area is safe and well cared for is one of our major goals at the Beauplan-Mann Law Office. We can help child protective agencies and parents become more familiar with the laws surrounding the safety and well being of Mississauga children, and can help parents get access to important resources that can help them create a nurturing and safe environment for the whole family. If you are a child protection agent, a parent, or simply have questions about child protection laws in the Greater Toronto Area, contact us today.